Guidelines for Applying HISSL Membership

HISSL membership is open for any interested person with a background of Health/Information Technology

All membership categories with the exception of Honorary Life Membership and Founder Membership will have to pay an annual subscription fee. Annual subscription fee may be fixed by the council from time to time. The Annual subscription fee shall fall due of 1st of January in each calendar year. If admitted to membership in course of the year, you may be charged a proportionate quantum of the annual subscription fee till the 1st of January of the following year.

Following are the different membership categories with requirements needed for applying each type of membership

Professional Member

Professional membership is available to all prospective individuals fulfilling all of the following criteria.

1. The Council may duly elect any person of a health-related profession registrable with the Sri Lanka Medical Council or with the Ceylon Medical College Council who has academic or professional qualifications in information and communication technology recognised by to the Board, on application for membership, as a Professional Member.

2. You need to have an educational qualification in Biomedical/Health informatics recognized by the Council of HISSL. The list of approved qualifications may change as decided by the council. Currently recognized qualifications are as follows.

  • MD in Health Informatics
  • PhD in Health Informatics
  • MSc in Biomedical Informatics

You need to fulfil both criteria mentioned above to apply for professional membership of HISSL.

Once applied your application will be reviewed by the expert committee on membership affairs following which it will be forwarded to HISSL Council prior to accepting membership.

Professional Members are eligible to hold office and vote at meetings of HISSL.

Apply for Professional Membership

Associate Member

Associate membership is available to all prospective individuals who have an interest in health informatics but do not fulfil criteria to be eligible for Professional Membership category.

  • Associate Members shall not be eligible to hold office or vote at meetings of HISSL.
  • The Council will have the power to elect any Associate Member as a Professional Member if deemed suitable.

Apply for Associate Membership

Student Member

The Council may duly elect any student of a Faculty of Medical or Dental Sciences in Sri Lanka, a paramedical training programme in Sri Lanka or undergraduate in IT degree in Sri Lanka who can provide evidence of his student status, on application for membership, as a Student Member.

  • Student Membership will be only available to undergraduates.
  • A Student Member has to apply for Professional or Associate membership once graduated. The maximum period a member will be permitted to hold Student Membership is 6 years depending on the undergraduate degree programme.
  • Student Members shall not be eligible to hold office or vote at meetings of the Association.

Apply for Student Membership

Founder Member

The Founder Members of the HEALTH INFORMATICS SOCIETY OF SRI LANKA shall be deemed to be Founder Members of the Association.

Honorary Life Member

The Association, from time to time, may admit on the recommendation of the Council, distinguished persons as Honorary Members, in recognition of their exceptional service to health informatics.

Membership Fees

Following are the fees applicable for each membership type.

Membership Category Annual Subscription Fee
Professional Member* Rs. 5000/-
Associate Member Rs. 4000/-
Student Member Rs. 1000/-
Founder Member Not applicable
Honorary Life Member Not applicable

*Professional Members have the option to make a one-time payment of Rs. 20000/- instead of annual subscription.

Should you have any issues/clarification regarding membership categories/ application process please contact us by sending us a mail at