Asian Journal of Health Informatics

The ‘Asian Journal of Health Informatics’ (AJHJ) is the official scientific  publication of the Health Informatics Society of Sri Lanka (HISSL). HISSL collaborates with the Asian eHealth Information Network (AeHIN) and with its other global collaborators in forming the editorial committee of the AJHI. The president of HISSL Prof. Vajira H.W. Dissanayake and the chairperson of AeHIN Dr.Alvin Marcelo are the inaugural Joint Editors in Chief of AJHI.

AJHI is an online, peer reviewed, open access journal, which publishes original papers describing recent advances in the field of biomedical and health informatics where information and communication technologies intersect with health, healthcare, life sciences and medicine specifically aligning with the sections defined in the Collection Development Manual of the National Library of Medicine(USA) as Bioinformatics, Medical Informatics, Biomathematics, Biomedical Research, Public health and  Education for health professionals Topics covered under these sections include acquisition, transmission, storage, retrieval, management, processing and analysis of biomedical and health information and applications of information and communication technologies in the practice of healthcare, public health, patient monitoring, preventive care, early diagnosis of diseases,  discovery of new therapies, surveillance and patient specific treatment protocols leading to improved outcomes; and the integration of electronic medical and health records, methods of longitudinal data analysis, data mining and discovery tools. AJHI also accepts eHealth concept papers and notices regarding regional eHealth activities. Extended papers presented at regional or global conferences can also be submitted to AJHI for publication.

Await the first issue of AJHI in January 2016.


  • AJHI invites the presenters of ‘e Health Asia 2015’ conference to submit their extended papers for the inaugural volume.
  • AJHI welcomes sponsorships from interested parties. Please contact the Managing Editor for further details.
  • Await more information on the journal, on submissions and on sponsorship opportunities.

For inquiries, mail to : ajhi@hissl.lk

 Access AJHI here.