Dr. David J. Heard / Head of Digital Health, Novartis Foundation

Digital Health Professional with extensive industry experience in different roles and companies who is now designing and building digital solutions for improving healthcare delivery in low and middle income countries. The goal of the Novartis Foundation is to help improve patient outcomes, increase efficiencies and improve healthcare delivery by helping patients and HCPs communicate with health care providers, improve medication adherence/compliance and monitoring using digital technology.

Specialties: Design and implementation of patient services, apps and platforms including visualization and analysis of patient generated data, my strong scientific and clinical background helps identify or create solutions that have proven benefit for patients and evaluate the science behind new technologies for use in patient services. Experienced in big data, knowledge management, data integration, ontologies, visualization and analytics, bioinformatics for sequence analysis, genomics, programming, systems and DB administration. Many years experience in people management, project, customer and stakeholder management as well as business development.