APAMI 2018 Bursary Winners

Author Country Abstract Title
Kalaivani Chellappan Malaysia Cloud-Base Home Environment Health Monitoring Framework
Kumar Dron Shrivastav India Development of visual diagnostic tool in R for precursors of Cervical Cancer
Ni’mah Hanifah Indonesia Health Information Systems Online Course for Public Health Practitioners in Indonesia
Tahmina Nasrin Poly Taiwan Application of Artificial Neural Network to Predict Chronic Kidney Disease
Wang Fuzhi China Heath Information Literacy and Obstacle in Online Health Information Seeking Among Digital Immigrants
APAMI - Southampton Travel Award Winners

Author Country Abstract Title
Ashish Kakkar India Wearable technologies in clinical trials: An analysis of development trends over the past decade
Chen-Cheng Kuo Taiwan Using Medications to predict diagnosis codes by multi-label classification
Danette Langbecker Australia The role of telehealth in the provision of culturally appropriate care for Aboriginal Australians
Disha Agarwal India Connections For Saving Lives- A Review of different models of telemedicine under National Health Mission in India
Emiko Asai Japan Application of information technology to medical equipment management in the Solomon Islands
Guardian Yoki Sanjaya Indonesia Geo-enable health facility list: linking healthcare and public health data
Hari Shanker India Integrated LAN, Wi-Fi and wide area network at AIIMS for healthcare professionals and students of AIIMS.
Jakir Masud Taiwan Using Text Mining to Multiple Classification of SOAP Data: Experience from a Hospital of Taiwan
Madhu Bhatia India Learning Healthcare System: Spreading Best Practices in Healthcare
Mun Joo Choi South Korea Developed Service of Smartphone Overdependence Management Application
Myron Anthony Godinho Australia mHealth for integrated service delivery in the Western Pacific Region: A Systematic Review
Ni Wang China Electronic Medical Records-based Patient Similarity and Its Application in Building Personalized Predictive Model
Pramod David Jacob India Test piloting of a mHealth application for Non-Communicable Diseases in Public Primary Care settings in India
Rubana Islam Bangladesh Developing Theory based Mobile applications: a case study of developing an application for sedentary behaviour in Bangladesh
Sakiko Itoh Japan Practice patterns and clinical outcomes with advanced and conventional care management in community-based care: a classification and regression tree (CART) analysis
Samaneh Madanian New Zealand Assessing the Security Vulnerabilities of IoT Adoption in Healthcare
Satoshi Iwai Japan Listing differential diagnoses from symptoms of patients with vertigo using knowledge graph
Sun Jung Lee South Korea Bioinformatics Database Research Platform for Internet Addiction
Yan Li China Accurate detection of fibula malrotation based on 2D-3D registration
Yuma Ota Japan Analysis of regional healthcare services using both big data and the Geographic Information System available on Japanese Government websites
Zafar Iqbal Qatar Imaging Informatics One-Stop Tool to Improve the Workflow of Modern Radiology Department