University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB) - Undiagnosed Disease Programme
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MoU between HISSL and Kathmandu University

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Health Informatics Society of Sri Lanka is the portal for the Sri Lankan medical, health and IT professionals, academics and and students who are interested in Medical and Health Care Informatics. HISSL is open for medical doctors, dentists, nurses, para medical and allied health science professionals and teachers and students of medical as well as technical universities.


Objective of HISSL

  • To promote the use of computers and information technology in teaching, learning, research and delivery of care in the field of health
  • To improve computer and information technology literacy of health care professionals
  • To improve the access by health care professionals to computer hardware, software and information technology services
  • To improve and facilitate continuing professional development of members
  • To improve and facilitate research and development in health informatics
  • To foster collaboration with national, regional and international medical, informatics and professional associations
  • To foster fellowship among members